An inaccessible Trail, a ferry, Presqu’île and final Kingston!

Hello everyone,
So today, we left Port Hope this morning at around 8:50 am. Today (and tomorrow) are the longest routes. Approximately 175 km, but that is a conservative number. Changes in routes, trails that are inaccessible do impact this number. No different today. We were supposed to spend a good portion of the day on the Millenium Trail, but we overlooked the fact that the entire trail wasn’t paved. A few km on the trail taught us that we love our bikes, our arms and hands and that remaining on the trail proved not to be the best idea. So be abandoned the trail and found a new route. Hey, at least we got to past right by Presqu’ile Provincial Park.

Alors aujourd’hui, nous sommes arrivés à Kingston vers 20h50. On est partis à 8h50 ce matin. 182 km! Et on est arrivés avant le noirceur. 

Tellement content de notre journée qui nous a présenté beaucoup de défis, notamment un sentier qui n’était finalement pas accessible. Il faillait prendre un traversier. On a passé par le parc provincial de Presqu’île. 

Our hands are hurting, we are dead tired, but we managed to meet our goal of reaching Kingston in daylight. After 182 km of biking, we arrived in downtown Kingston. Hard to believe, but we aren’t stopping there. Tomorrow, Cornwall here we come. Another race against the sun, against time. We need to make Cornwall before nightfall. And we will.

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