The first day…. here we come Port Hope / Notre première journée

Hello everyone,

The day is fresh and we are almost completely ready for our first leg of Pink Future’s biking adventure 2016. When we set out to do this, it was primarily to honour our two Mom’s who had to fight the ultimate battle… and ultimately lost. But now, it has become much more. We are biking for the millions of women fighting for their lives. 

We look forward to arriving in Port Hope this early evening, after around 150 km of biking. We’ve raised almost $5,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and we look forward to sharing how our first day went later on.

Thank you to Kelly from the CBCF, her husband Boris (below) and the amazing hospitality we received at their house yesterday night.

Bonjour à tous, 

La journée est fraîche et nou sommes presque complètement prêts à partir pour la première partie de Futur Rose 2016. Quand on a commencé ce projet, c’était d’abord pour honorer nos deux mères qui ont dû battre l’ultime combat… et qui malheureusement ont perdu. Maintenant, c’est devenu beaucoup plus. Nous pédalons pour des millions de femmes qui se battent pour leurs vies. 

Nous avons très hâte d’arriver à Port Hope ce soir!

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